Do your loved ones know your funeral wishes?


Nobody really likes to talk about funerals especially our own, however if it is hard for us to talk about our own funeral imagine how it will be for your loved ones to arrange yours when the time comes as it does for us all.

We all spend most of our lives wanting to protect our loved ones so why leave them with the stress and finance at such a difficult time, with our prepaid funeral plans you can continue to protect your loved ones

A funeral plan with Jones Funeral Directors protects your family from finding a deposit which all funeral directors now require and you can state your wishes including burial or cremation, place of service, religious or non religious, type of coffin, music and flowers  to personalise your funeral. You can also leave a personal dedication with us to be read at the service.

Our funeral plans are held with Golden Charter or Perfect Choice who are regulated with the Funeral Planning Authority and held in trust until required.

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Buying a prepaid funeral plan takes away financial pressure from your loved ones

No one wants to leave their family in debt when the time comes, by taking out our pre-paid funeral plans you can ensure your loved ones do not have to find the money to give you a personal send off.

So contact us today for your FREE NO OBLIGATION quotation on 01482 504 501

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What is a pre-paid funeral plan

A pre-paid funeral plan is a way of planning and paying for your future funeral today whilst guaranteeing you only pay today’s prices. Funeral costs are outside of the funeral directors control and are rising every year, the 2013 Sun Life Cost of Dying report showed an average funeral in 1997 cost £1,230 and prices are expected to rise to £5,938 in 2021.

A funeral plan gives you more control over your funeral arrangements, we believe it’s important for you to get the funeral you want and for your family to receive a genuine, personal service at a time when it really counts.

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Why would I buy a prepaid funeral plan 

Many people think their funeral costs will be covered by their savings, life insurance or other means. As funeral costs are rising and interest rates are nearly non-existent there is no guarantee the costs will be covered, leaving your family and friends with the added financial pressure to find the difference. Our  funeral plans, once payment is complete, ensure your loved ones will not have to pay any extra towards the services included in the plan.

Our funeral plans cover the funeral costs and arrangements no matter how far in the future the service may take place.

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Is my money safe 

In this current climate any investment in the future needs to be financially secure. Our pre-paid funeral provider guarantees your money when you take out a  plan with us. They are regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority.

Your payments are protected,  your payment will be paid into the trust and will be held there until needed to pay for your service arrangements.

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What does this mean for my loved ones 

You can help your family and loved ones in making the decisions in the arranging of your funeral plan. In this current economical climate an increasing number of people are planning their own funerals.

It also gives you a chance to have your say in the making of the funeral arrangements, you can choose in advance your music, place of committal, minister/celebrant, flowers and donations to charity if required.